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WWE has a long gaming history, which stretches back to when it was WWF

Many of the games have been good since then, but does 2K15 live up to this heritage? Spoiler alert: It really doesn’t

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Worth The Time?No Things LovedCharacter creation is quite in-depth, despite not living up to previous iterations. There are a plethora of game modes to choose from. Things HatedEverything else — the gameplay is shoddy and clunky, the game does not mirror the actual appeal of wrestling in the least, the grapple system adds nothing to the game, MyCareer is broken and incoherent, and the counter system is one of the most imbalanced systems in modern gaming. RecommendationThis game isn’t worth the money, and I won’t encourage you to try and play this in any form. Maybe next year will be better, but if not, rather go back to last year’s version — 2K14 was at least passable as a game.
Name: WWE 2K15
Genre: Steve Irwin Simulator Without Crocs
Players: 1-6 (Local) 1-redundancy (Online)
Multiplayer: Local and online
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Developer: Yuke’s
Publisher: 2K
Price: R799
Reviewed On: PlayStation 4
The WWE franchise is one that I, quite ashamedly, poured a lot of time into during the SmackDown! vs. RAW era of wrestling games, and prior to that, when it was still called the WWF. Despite them being incredibly corny, they felt surprising solid for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 titles, and were a reasonable amount of fun to play.

Since last generation, however, these games have faded somewhat into obscurity, amongst THQ’s demise and 2K’s eventual acquisition of the series in 2013. After WWE 2K14 was a passable but unimpressive title for 2K’s first outing, retaining the services of developer Yuke’s, WWE 2K15 may actually be a step back for the series.

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