ThumbderDome Wrestling is a two-player game played on one controller.

A thumb wrestling video game has finally arrived. ThumbderDome Wrestling is just what you think it is, a virtual version of the Thumb War game you probably played a lot as a kid (and maybe still do).

Via Kotaku, ThumbderDome Wrestling is every bit as absurd as you’d expect, but the controls are quite unique. It’s a two-player game that’s played using one Xbox controller. One player controls a virtual thumb using the one thumbstick, while the other player uses the second thumbstick.

Check out the trailer above to see how it works in action.

Just like in real life, getting pinned down isn’t necessarily the end, as you can rotate the thumbstick to break free of your opponent’s hold. You can even build up a special meter to unleash a big attack.

ThumbderDome also lets you choose from four different wrestlers, each with their own special look.

The game, created in Unity, is available now for free on PC and Mac. You’ll need a compatible Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller, and the game’s developers have provided necessary drivers here.

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