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The game play is either great or really slow paced, depending on how you feel about stamina. In my opinion, the game play is great. It mimics what is seen on television with the new mechanics of chain wrestling and the improved stamina system. It feels crisp and flows really well. It’s something hard to describe with words, and new players might not notice it. But if you are a long time player like me, you’ll notice the littler differences the game makes.

Now after that, how can this game be disappointing? While the game plays great, it lacks features. Which is sad, because the past games had great features, but was plagued with awful game play. First off there are two main modes in this game. Showcase mode and Career mode. Showcase mode is basically like Attitude Era and Wrestlemania mode, but with two rivalries. The two rivalries are Triple H vs Shawn Michaels, and CM Punk vs John Cena. You must go through selected matches from their rivalry and complete the objectives listed by the game. Its a nice mode, but nothing to really be excited for. Career mode is possibly the biggest reason why this game did not live up to it’s potential.

*Deep Breath*

Career mode failed in many expects. It claims to be like a Here Comes the Pain career mode, where you have free control and you can have all these different stories and rivalries throughout the years. But the game has no sense of direction and stories are picked at complete random regardless of what you accomplished in your career. When the mode first starts off, it has a nice story. You are the latest pick up by WWE and is signed to the developmental brand of NXT. Your main goal in NXT is to win the belt, which can be done in about a in game month, which isn’t that long. Once you win the belt, you are then moved up to the WWE shows like Main Event and Superstars. From there you can either keep defending your NXT belt or move onto WWE stories. The stories however are done very, very, VERY poorly. You start off by doing a match a month to build your reputation and skills. You’ll be doing this for about a in game year. You’ll talk to Vicki Guerrero, who’ll tell you, that you must pick 3 PPVs out of the 12-13 PPVs, that you would like to participate in. Some of the bigger name PPV, like Wrestlemania are greyed out at that point. Now I thought I would have to pick 3, because I’m not a big name Superstar yet. But spoiler alert, this is what you’ll be doing for the rest of your career. It is then I realize that stories happen, only in the month of the PPV you picked. Which is garbage. That means that with only 3 PPVs a year, you only get 3 feuds that end up being complete waste by the end of it. They don’t make any sense, for example: I haven’t debuted on Raw yet ( you know the flagship show of WWE) and I’ve already beat The Rock, Stone Cold, HBK, and Triple H, and I also won a tournament to become the face of the company. After I became the “Face of the Company” nothing happened. I didn’t get a title shot, I didn’t appear on Raw, hell, NOTHING followed up on the fact that I beat Cena, Bryan, and Orton in a tournament. I just ended up fighting jobbers for 8 months in a row till I finally earned a throw away feud with an NXT rival whose stats are still the same 3 years ago. About 4 years into my career, I haven’t won a single WWE belt, yet Im getting story lines saying that I’m a ‘Legend’ or a ‘Future Hall of Famer’. Like the what the heck, i havnt accomplished anything yet, and Im being called one the best wrestlers of all time. The stories are random, they don’t add up, they don’t mean anything, rivalries never happen, stories are a month long and are forgotten, the mode is repetitive, and it sucks. And we haven’t even talk about the worst part about it. The mode is advertise to be 15 years long in game. Yet most people’s career mode ends in 3 to 5 years. Why? Because once you win the WWE Championship the career mode is simulated to your final match a decade later. What the ****.

What else does this game have to offer? Not much. Universe mode is still there, and Im streaming my Universe on, and its still the same with some improvements to be more user friendly. Create a Wrestler is very limited, there isn’t a whole lot of customization in your wrestlers face and the load times are atrocious. Create an Entrance is better due to the ability to have more pyro and more customization options with lighting, but there some entrances that are hidden, like The Wyatt family for example among others. Everything else is the same.

Match types took a big hit this game, and I believe it has to be a bug or something. Singles matches have every match type available, but anything involving 3 or 4 men, don’t have all their match types. Regular and Elimination Tag Team matches are the only match types you can get from Tag Team. No TLC, Cage or Hell in a Cell. You can have a Triple Threat Hell in a Cell, but not a Fatal 4 Way Hell in a Cell. You can’t have 3 men, or 4 men, TLC, Ladder, or Cage matches. It limit the variety of match types, and what sucks even more is that there are match types hidden in the game. Tornado Tag in available in Universe mode, and 3 Stages of Hell and Casket matches are Showcase mode exclusive. I have no idea what 2K was thinking.

Online also sucks. They got rid of lobbies. That is the worst decision ever. There are so many reasons why that is just bad, they did everything wrong with online play. Matchmaking sucks, the pin meter has a lag to it, regardless of your internet connection, you can’t play with friends and randoms at the same time, you cant create lobbies, and just other bad and stupid decisions. You also get banned for creating Chris Benoit which 2K stated has been in their policies forever which is the biggest lie I’ve heard from them. Someone sue them for not having it in their policies and they’re banning people for no reason.

This is one of those cases where the game plays great, but there’s just lack of content to keep you playing. Playing the game is fun, but having meaningless matches with lack of variety quickly bores me. A lot of creation modes were taken out and online play isn’t fun with the lag and lack of match type variety.

WWE 2K15 gets a 5.75/10.

I was giving it a 7, but this review made me realize how bad this game really is, and the latest patch kind of broke the game in some ways so I had to drop it a little bit lower.

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