Humanitarian group UNICEF stuns a crowd with a fake game pitch about the all-too-real suffering of people in South Sudan.

In a bid to raise awareness for quality of life in the South Sudan, UNICEF recently published a concept for a disturbing game where you play a seven-year-old girl facing all manner of hardship and trials.

The premise for the fake game, Elika’s Escape, sees players control a little girl whose mother dies of cholera and brother killed for his attempts to protect you. You escape, but a bullet grazes your infant baby brother.

“We are taking the level of horror in this game even to infants,” a presenter says.

Once you make it to a refugee camp, things aren’t much better. The stench of sewage permeates the area, and you become so desperate that you consider prostitution to help make money to feed your family.

The premise for this game was so troubling to some attendees at a Washington DC event where it was pitched that they walked out in disgust. But that was kind of the point.

“What’s too much for a video game is happening daily to children in South Sudan,” the video above says.

Mari Malek, a South Sudan refugee herself, added that while Elika’s Escape the game may be a work of fiction, the plight in the region is too real. “Elika’s story is true,” Malek says. “She is me, and she is so many of the South Sudanese children that are going through this experience at this moment.”

UNICEF is a humanitarian group that aims to improve the lives of young people around the world by promoting education and taking measures to combat disease and suffering wherever it is.

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