Get the Prince of Persia Pack for $10, Rayman Series for $10, and more.

Digital games retailer is sending off its Winter sale with a 48 hour finale that brings back two weeks worth of daily bundles.

The Big Winter Sale Finale, which started this morning, has Divinity: Original Sin for a 33 percent discount, bringing it down to $32, as well as 24 bundles like:

The Ultimate D&D Collection (includes 10 games like Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale) — $21
Prince of Persia Pack — $10
Stalker Zone (Includes the three Stalker games) — $12.47
Fantasy Quests (includes the King’s Quest games) — $8
Anomaly Detected (includes Anomaly 2 and the rest of the series) — $9
The Witcher Tag Team — $4.48
Heroes of Might and Magic Series — $17.44
Sid Meier’s Pack — $5.95
Rayman Series — $10
FPS Icons (includes Unreal Tournament 2004, Duke Nukem 3D, and others) — $6.36 turned six years old in September this year. For more on how the site evolved from a niche online platform for classic games and plans for the near future, check out our interview with managing director Guillaume Rambourg.

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