Get Civilization: Beyond Earth for $35, Company of Heroes 2 for $10, and more.

As early reports indicated, Steam’s Exploration-themed Fall sale kicked off today, and will last through December 2.

Unlike last year’s Fall sale, this one will will not include any flash sales, with some deals lasting for 48 hours and others for 24 hours.

Here are some highlights available for the next 48 hours:

Watch Dogs — $30
Civilization: Beyond Earth — $35
Lords Of The Fallen — $30
The Stanley Parable — $4.49
The Wolf Among Us — $8.49
Dead Island — $5
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter — $12
FTL — $3
Company of Heroes 2 — $10
The Evil Within — $20.39
Don’t Starve — $3.74
If you’re looking for more great prices on games, keep an eye out for our regular roundups of Gaming Deals, and GameSpot’s roundup of Black Friday sales, which will be posted tomorrow.

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